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Rick Vrenios

About Rick Vrenios

Instructor for:
Massage Therapy, Chakra Anatomy & Therapies,
Craniosacral Therapy, Therapeutic Reflexology,
Reiki, Hawaiian Elemental Healing, and Ho'oponopono

Rick Vrenios is a noted therapist, author, speaker, and educator in the field of body-mind-spirit health and potential. He has been practicing and teaching self-help, spirituality, and body-mind-spirit healing modalities since 1985. Based on his Soul’s Design and Voices of the Chakras work, he is considered to be a leading expert on the Chakra System.

 As a former resident of Hawaii and having the rare privilege of studying the healing and spiritual practices within two native Hawaiian lineages simultaneously, Rick has dedicated his life to living and carrying forward the wisdom and practices of ancient Hawaii.

In his first lineage, he is the highest trained and one of only a handful of still-living teachers given the blessings to train others in the healing arts, and he was appointed to become the successor to the lineage elder to preserve the teachings and continue the vision and leadership role when that time comes.

In his second Hawaiian family lineage, he was hanai'd (spiritually adopted) as the son of a highly respected Kahuna and master healer in order that the most sacred knowledge of the old traditions and arts could be freely passed on to him. He was trained in the wisdom and methods that had never before been shared outside the Hawaiian people.

And, Rick was selected to be one of the first non-Hawaiians to stay in a remote valley, living in the old ways, on the Island of Molokai to be trained as both a practitioner and teacher representing the 52nd generation (2000+ year history) in the old-style methods of Ho'oponopono - the art of helping others find Forgiveness and emotional and spiritual clearing. The Hawaiian perspective adds a unique spirit and understanding to all of his presentations.

As a therapist and practitioner, he maintains a private practice specializing in spiritual and energy healing methods, along with one-on-one coaching/mentorship. His philosophy is that real and lasting healing requires an integration on all levels. Rick's multi-faceted approach can facilitate the journey physically, energetically, and spiritually, and he often works in partnership with medical health care providers to add the energetic and spiritual component to modern health care systems.

As an author, Rick has written and published two books, including his ground-breaking book, Chakra Wisdom, and he has created or co-created 13 audio CD programs.

As a speaker and teacher, he is an in-demand, award-winning educator who presents programs extensively throughout the United States and internationally on a variety of spiritual and natural healing topics. He has been a guest lecturer on the therapeutic applications and benefits of energy medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and his reputation for excellence has attracted students from across the U.S. and from 16 foreign countries around the world.

And, his work has been featured on radio and television and in national publications, such as Esquire Magazine, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Magazine, Different Strokes, and Day Spa Magazine.


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