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About the Institute

About the Institute

Our mission is simple... to provide you with truly world-class continuing education courses with the full experience that goes with it.

We know you have many choices when it comes to your continuing education, and we appreciate you trusting us.  In return, our commitment to you is just as strong.

While the Seven Wisdoms Institute opened in 2016, we're not new.  Our founders and faculty have been teaching in this industry for 30+ years.  They have attended countless courses for their own CE hours, and they have taught thousands of therapists over the years.

They LISTENED!  They decided to build a true service that was everything they wished it could be to help you get the maximum value for your continuing education dollars.  They also paid attention and chose not to provide costly add-ons that may be nice, but add dramatically to your registration fees.


Our Philosophy

We believe you don't judge a teacher on the teacher... how funny, how eloquent, or how clever he or she is.  You judge a teacher by the skills and quality of those who attend.

A class is just a "show" if you don't walk away a better therapist.  We are committed to using our decades of experience as therapists and educators to help you find another layer of effectiveness for your clients.

This also means we don't use a minimal formula of how to meet your CE requirements for the cheapest price possible.  With some, you fulfilled the mandatory hours for your licensing obligation.  You finished a class.  But how much did you grow?  Did it stretch you?  Did it open new possibilities.

We provide the courses designed with the time provided to really learn the subject matter.  We provide the format that respects the knowledge you already have.


Unique Courses that Provide Real Value

We know that not everyone will be drawn to the subtle therapies, but that's ok.  We want to teach people who want to discover deeper layers of what they do. 

We know that a large percentage of you are already highly skilled therapists.  We also know that there is a difference between a highly-skilled technician and a masterful therapist.  Truly, that shift doesn't come with learning another technique.  It comes from the subtleties within you.

Our goal is open the path for you to discover and master those subtleties.  Our goal is to help those who want to go from "Great to Wow!"


Real Humans are Here to Help!

When you call, you are calling our office.  You will not be sent to an out-of-country call center.  Rather, you will connect with customer service in our company.  We can answer your questions and provide you with the informatioin you need to make the best choice.

When you e-mail, we are staying available during office hours.  Yes, we do go home at night... because we are real humans.

Our web site also live chat to get answers and help right away.  Just click on the button on any page during regular office hours and connect with someone who can help.


No Herds!

Have you attended one of those corporate-run workshops?  You are one of 100 in a room suited for 75.  There is one instructor and MAYBE an administrative helper.  There is not enough time on breaks and you can't ask questions.  You can't get the guidance you came for.

At the Seven Wisdoms Institute, we actually care about your experience.  As a result, we are committed to fair class sizes.  Our courses are usually limited to an absolute maximum of 60 attendees. 

The spaces we choose are professional education centers to create a real learning environment.  No distracting noises from hotel kitchens.  No tourists peeking in to see what is happening inside the room.  Just professional education space dedicated to you and your learning experience.


Better-than-Fair Pricing

Over the years, we have heard over and over again about people spending $400, $500, $600 and more on a "big name" course and walking out with no idea of what they just "learned".

Our courses are priced in a very reasonable range, and we offer complete packages at very fair prices, so you can complete all of your licensing obligations in one track.

We don't provide coffee and snacks, but we also don't jack up the prices on you either.  Bring your favorite beverage to stay hydrated (non-alcoholic please), and if you need a snack to keep up your energy, grab what you like and bring it.


Family Owned and Family Run

One look on social media and you see how many therapists object to the idea of "corporate massage."  We get it.  There pros and cons to everything.

However, if you don't like "corporate massage", why go with "corporate massage education"?  The Seven Wisdoms Institute is a family owned, family run service.  We are operated by people who believe success is more than profit.  Success is achieving the goal of excellence every day.

Service, quality, fairness, and value.

You mean a lot to us, and we welcome you to join our family and our community so we all grow together and support the end result.  The best therapeutic care and benefits for your clients possible.



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